CapFABB December Meetup

Yesterday I attended my first CapFABB meetup! CapFABB is the network of bloggers in DC. With the hopes of launching my blog soon, I thought it’d be a great idea to do some networking and get some shopping in at the same time. Members of CapFABB met up at the boutique, Caramel, for a Goodwill Trunk Show.

First blogger fail of the night – I brought my fancy smancy DSLR but definitely did not have a memory card in it! Le sigh. These pictures were taken by my handy dandy iPhone.

It was a great night. I met up with Rosa, from Rosa Loves DC, and also got to meet some other DC bloggers. I even picked up a cute red pencil skirt for $7, just in time for the holiday season. Keep an eye out for how I style it in an upcoming post.


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