Sunday’s Best

[Dress: Esley (similar), Belt: H&M, Booties: Sam Edelman]

Quick outfit shots taken before we let the kids roam the yard for their easter eggs. I initially intended on sporting some heels with this outfit, but when you’re chasing little kiddies around booties seemed to best the way to go. Here’s a link of the shoes I would have worn – ASOS Haste heels.

One of my new favorite pastimes – consignment shopping! I got this dress at Current Boutique, which is located a couple of blocks from where I work. In addition to great consignment finds, Current also sells a great collection of brand spankin new dresses. I picked this one up last week and am in love with it. You can find other Esley dresses at


6 thoughts on “Sunday’s Best

  1. There’s a Current near my job too and I have to space out my visits, otherwise they would get way more of my money than I would like. 🙂
    Your dress is so pretty and that color is just perfection.

  2. I LOVE Current – they’re great! I used to go to the one in Alexandria all the time. So glad they opened the newest one in Logan Circle. Great find!

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