Sunday Snapshots // Too Soon

Phew. Sunday Snapshots again?! The weekend flew by!!

Last week I tried out this french manicure I spotted on pinterest. Make sure you follow me on pinterest –

I also checked out the newly opened Tj Maxx in DC last Friday! Tj Maxx opened their 1000th store in downtown DC this past week. With Zara, H&M, Forever21, the newly opened Tj Maxx, and a J.crew opening up soon, downtown is becoming a prime shopping area! At the Tj Maxx, I spotted a PS1 and YSL bag. I’ll definitely have to make more trips to see if a Celine bag manages to find itself to the Tj Maxx. Dreams right? lol.

Okay, time to get my mani on and enjoy the last few hours Sunday has to offer!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Snapshots // Too Soon

  1. I need to stop by that TJMaxx. I am so happy you posted these pictures, it looks like it’s an amazing store.

  2. That mani looks really cute. I tried something similar a few weeks ago and loved it.
    I can’t believe you found a PS1 at TJMaxx. I will definitely have to check out that location if they have brands like that in the store.

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