Into My World

I have finally gotten around to learning how to use my DSLR,  fancy smancy camera as I like to call it. I spent some of my free time this past week, playing around with the different settings. Since Mochi wasn’t there to be my model, I took some snapshots of my humble abode.

  1. Clothing rack – love love love being organized, especially when it comes to my closet. And yes, I have a clothing rack in addition to my walk-in closet.
  2. DIY nightstand – Bought this nightstand of off craigslist, painted it Robin’s Egg blue and added a gold knob from Anthropologie!
  3.  My resting place – Absolutely love my DVF duvet. I paired the duvet with a hodge podge of pillows and I think it all oddly comes together.

A different Simply Epalf post, but I hope you enjoyed it!! Happy Friday!!!!!!


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