Snapshots // Catch Up

Haven’t had a Sunday Snapshots post in a while!! So here’s a few catch up instagrams for you.

This past month has been pretty hectic. I’ve been out of town most weekends, so this is why I’m just getting caught up with my snapshots post.

1. A few snaps from my trip to NYC earlier this month. Grabbed a bite to eat at the Ace Hotel and spent a day roaming around Brooklyn Bridge Park.
2. The next weekend I was off to Chicago for the first time. The city was absolutely beautiful!
3. I have a few shots from the Kate Spade store opening in Arlington last week. Needless to say, I will be a regular there since its a train stop away from where I work.
4. Just a couple of instagrams from this past weekend. It’s my only weekend in town this month, so I spent some time unwinding. Check out those Madewell flats! Such a great array of colors and patterns!

Happy Monday folks!!


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