Inspiration Board: Peter Pan Collar

[Image Sources: 1, 2, 3]

I picked up this peter pan collar sweater from J.Crew yesterday on major sale! I’ve been wanting a blouse like this and it was fate that I stumbled upon this gem in the sale section.

Let me tell you one thing – At times, I’m not a very good/stategic shopper. I go for items I like, without even thinking about if it’ll fit with any of my other peices. So, I put together some looks that I’ll be trying to re-incarnate with my new buy.

From my research, here are some tips on nailing down the Peter Pan look.

  • Because of the collar, try to minimize your use of accessories. I think a necklace would conflict and take away from the collar, so if anything go for simple earrings and lots of arm candy!
  • This type of collar is paired well with a simple bottom. The peter pan collar was typically used for school girl uniforms back in the day, so the look is should be on the simpler (but fabulous) side.
  • This type of blouse can be worn for work and for play! For work, pair it with a sleek pencil skirt and for play, pair it with a fun skirt or boyfriend jeans.

Happy happy weekend. TGIF!


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