Skirting the Issue: Mini, Midi, Maxi

The weather’s getting cooler and all I want to do is put on some sweats, sit on my couch, and never leave it’s side until Spring arrives! But alas, those dreams can only be dreams  As the weather gets colder, I find myself wearing my more of my pants and neglecting my skirts. So I put together some inspiration to help you bump those skirts to the front of your closet through fall.

Simply Epalf Mini skirts

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Mini skirts – just about the easiest skirts to transition to fall and winter. Just add a pair of fun tights are you’re good to go. I love how these ladies pair their minis with fun prints and colors. To some people (I’m one of them), winter wear = colorless outfits but why?

Simply Epalf Midi Skirt

[Sources: 1, 2, 3]

Midi Skirts – A little trickier to style in my opinion, but all the more fun to wear! Full midi skirts instantaneously makes an outfit feel more girly and flirty. For a fun night out, try a midi skirt. It’ll add that extra oomph you need to differentiate a day outfit from night.

Simply Epalf Maxi Skirt

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Maxi skirts – One of my favorite looks right now is the maxi/sweater look. You can layer as much as you want to, but still get the flowly and carefree feel of a maxi skirt.

Happy Thursday everyone! Now that Hurricane Sandy is past us, time to return to regular programming.


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