Mid-Week Snapshots

Simply Epalf snapshots 11-14-12

A mid-week update of snapshots I’ve taken in the past few days.

  • Ever since Sandy hit the East Coast, the weather has been super wonky. A couple of days ago, the weather was gorgeous and warm but just yesterday, I had to whip out the winter coat and gloves again! Love this pair of H&M bow gloves I got for $7. They come in a variety of colors and if you’re feeling super thrifty, head out to your local store today so get them for 40% off! (Coupons are available through the end of the 14th.)
  • For some odd reason, one of the ways I concentrate on work is by taking off all of my jewelry. Maybe it’s the weight of the jewelry that bothers me? I’m not sure. But once the jewelry comes off, I head straight into productive mode. Pictured here is a necklace from the J.Crew outlet and my trusty Michael Kors watch.
  • Can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! Spotted this Kate Spade display in Nordstrom the other day. I would love to wake up to Kate Spade stocking stuffers especially this one.
  • Last week was a great time in DC. Whether you voted for Obama or Romney, it felt great to be in the Nation’s capital and exercising my right to vote! Mochi helped me out with the photo op.
  • Warby Parker is in town! For those of you in the DC area, the Warby Parker class trip bus is in DC for the next few days. Check their website for more deets – http://www.warbyparkerclasstrip.com/. I stopped by and finally picked a new pair to replace my Sinclairs.

It’s Wednesday folks. That means, a couple of days till the weekend!


4 thoughts on “Mid-Week Snapshots

  1. I would love to wake up to some Kate Spade stocking stuffers too! Love that pouch in your picture! And your dog is ADORABLE!! What kind is he?

    Thanks for your comment on my blog today! I don’t think I’ll make it to the swap event on Saturday, but I’m hoping to stop by the CapFABB meet-up tonight! Hope to see you there!


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