Snapshots // Holiday Cheer!

Simply Epalf Snapshots Holiday Cheer

This will quite possibly be my last “snapshots” post of the year! Yet another year to look forward to. Hope you all get some rest and relaxation in the coming days. I know I need it! I’ve been uber busy trying to be Santa’s little helper.

I’m uber excited to unveil what I have in store for Simply Epalf. It’s been a good first year of blogging, but it’s time to turn it up a notch! Stay tuned!!


Snapshots // Catch Up

Haven’t had a Sunday Snapshots post in a while!! So here’s a few catch up instagrams for you.

This past month has been pretty hectic. I’ve been out of town most weekends, so this is why I’m just getting caught up with my snapshots post.

1. A few snaps from my trip to NYC earlier this month. Grabbed a bite to eat at the Ace Hotel and spent a day roaming around Brooklyn Bridge Park.
2. The next weekend I was off to Chicago for the first time. The city was absolutely beautiful!
3. I have a few shots from the Kate Spade store opening in Arlington last week. Needless to say, I will be a regular there since its a train stop away from where I work.
4. Just a couple of instagrams from this past weekend. It’s my only weekend in town this month, so I spent some time unwinding. Check out those Madewell flats! Such a great array of colors and patterns!

Happy Monday folks!!

Sunday Snapshots // Heatwave

Happy Monday everyone. Here are a few snapshots from the past couple of weeks since I failed to post a Sunday Snapshots last week. Just trying to stay cool whenever possible! Outfit shots have been quite impossible to take with the heat and random storms here and there. But have no fear, we’ll be returning to regular programming hopefully tomorrow!

  1. Flower setting at brunch.
  2. Abita Strawberry at lunch. Haven’t had one since my trip to New Orleans in 2011. Highly recommended! I think you can snag some at a few Whole Foods in the area.
  3. Mac lip conditioner in Petting Pink. With the heat and sun beating down, SPF protection is a must! Even down to my lip balm. Love this conditioner. It’s the perfect pink and even has a bit of vanilla flavoring in it.
  4. A gift from Paris. Mhmm, Fragonard was one of my favorite places in Paris when I visited. I recommended it as a go-to place when the bf’s parents went and they brought me back this! The orange scent is the perfect summer perfume. To order some Fragonard, check them out here –

[Wednesday] Snapshots // Weekend Getaway

Here are a few snapshots from my weekend in NYC.

  • I stumbled upon some sort of street fair near Bryant Park and of course grabbed a gyro to eat while sitting in the park.
  • I also met up with my cousin at the Bourgeois Pig for some fantastic Belgian Beer and fondue.
  • Aren’t these steps great? I never thought to paint and decorate steps before. These are in Opening Ceremony’s Men store.
  • One of the best things about NYC is the food. After a night in the East Village, I walked past Japadog and got this amazing vanilla ice cream hot dog bun. No words can explain how good it actually was.

Just a little glimpse into my weekend. Happy Wednesday folks! The weekend is so close!

[Wednesday] Snapshots // MDW in Las Vegas

I’m back!!!! I took the past few days off to enjoy  a bit of a long weekend getaway in Las Vegas. Since I literally stepped off my plane a few hours ago, today’s post will be quick and simple.

Here are a few snapshots from my long weekend in Vegas. Including my early birthday present to myself that will hopefully be on the blog soon.

  1. Started the vacation off right with a maxi dress for the plane ride to the east coast.
  2. I tried my first in-n-out burger. After having Five Guys, Shake Shack, and in-n-out, Five Guys is definitely my favorite.
  3. Laying by the pool was what I was looking forward to the most!
  4. Bought this blue bracelet at a small boutique on the strip. Love the cobalt blue.
  5. And hello!! to the newest additions to my shoe collection. Splurged a little on a couple of pairs of shoes. Barneys sale got me. You got me good.

Happy Wednesday!! I’m in need of a nap!! Red-eye and straight to work was not such a good idea after all.